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Poor indoor air quality can cause many potential health issues. These can include things such as difficulty breathing, fatigue, dizziness, and other health concerns. Does your indoor air quality need to be improved? Get indoor air quality testing to give yourself peace of mind. At Heritage Home Inspection Service, we can provide service to anyone in the Darien, GA area. When you work with us, you’ll get the best assistance available.

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When you get a home air quality test from us, we’ll take three air samples—one outdoors and two indoors. These samples will be sent to a lab to test for mold or other pollutants. We’ll have the results about five days after the samples are sent out. Once we have them, we will provide you with the information, letting you know if you need to take steps to fix any issues.

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Make sure that your commercial building has no hidden problems.

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We can thoroughly examine every inch of a building for issues.

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Move into your new home without stress by getting an inspection.

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Worry less about indoor air quality by getting testing from us.

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Make sure there aren’t any contaminants in your water.

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Find out if there’s hidden mold in your home by contacting us.

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