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The building inspection in Liberty can use the help of Heritage Home inspections, an expert for the purpose of checking any defects which might hinder its value or the proposition of living there. Anything that can compromise with the safety of people living in the building is checked for.

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Building inspection in Liberty is a piece of cake, thanks to Heritage Home Inspections. We take pride in quality jobs done by our thorough professionals. Positive customer service experience of our employees is just a blissful addition on top of amazing service. We can provide the best building inspector in Liberty.

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What does the building inspector in Liberty check for? 

  • The building inspector in Liberty checks the five major systems of the house, namely-
  • Roof
  • Electrical system
  • Plumbing system
  • Heating, ventilation & cooling system
  • Structure of the house
  • The exterior of the building includes parking, landscaping, basements etc.
  • The interior of the building includes walls, ceilings, floors, bathrooms, kitchens etc. It is the building inspector’s job to check if the interior spaces of the building are in accordance with the local building codes and if they pose any safety related risks and hazards.
  • The entire documentation of the building is checked to find out the discrepancy, if any. The building plans, certificate of occupancy, evacuation plans, construction permits etc. and all the related documents, are thoroughly checked by the building inspector. 

Types of inspections that are required by code of local jurisdiction-

  1. Footing and foundation inspections
  2. Concrete slab and underfloor inspections
  3. Floodplain inspections
  4. Plumbing, mechanical, gas and electrical system inspections
  5. Framing and masonry inspections
  6. Gypsum panel product inspections

We are available and equipped to handle these hi-tech inspections. Call today to get a quote.

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